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David Tietje

Thai Love Yoga
Dallas, Texas
Suppose you knew that everything that happened to you was wonderful? Everything...without exception. If you believed that and told some people that you knew about it they would say "What's wrong with you? You know that everything that happens is not wonderful." Well, it is wonderful for the people who believe that it's wonderful. That is a new way of thinking isn't it?
- Jack Boland
David Tietje has taught Yoga since 1996, is a practitioner and Instructor of Vedic Thai-Yoga Bodywork for The Vedic Conservatory, a Licensed Massage Therapist/Instructor , and Co-Owner of “Thai Love Yoga.” David and his partner, Misty Leah, host Vedic Thai-Yoga classes at their home and throughout Dallas, and teach 2-3 Day Certification Workshops regularly in the US. David appreciates film, regularly attending The Dallas International Film Festival, and savors eating and cooking vegetarian and Raw food. He and Misty also frequent local Kirtan concerts where everyone chants and sings! They Love to travel and together they have created "Mystical Relationships: The Healing Power of Connection" a retreat seminar designed for Spiritual Growth through practice of Vedic Thai-Yoga Bodywork, Dance, Yoga, Fun, Laughter Yoga, Inquiry, Breathwork, and Creating Sacred Space.

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