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Wayne Campbell

Campbell Flex Stretch Revolution
427 West 20th Street, 602 (Jade Garden Classical Chinese Medicine)
Wayne's journey as a healer began after experiencing a life-changing event. He did a backflip on a concrete sidewalk and "over-flipped", landing on his tailbone/sacrum . The pain was intense and unrelenting, no matter how many chiropractors or massage therapists he consulted with. While his running and dance careers were over, his healing career began as Wayne went on to spend the next 20 years developing the stretches and massage techniques that would become his Campbell Flex Method and his Texas Thai Sports Massage offerings.

Wayne believes that stretching, yoga, and massage are essential to the health and longevity of any athlete or anyone seeking to live a pain-free life. His unique CAMPBELL FLEX STRETCH REVOLUTION allows for amazing results in the relaxation and opening of tight muscles, tendons, and joints. "A flexible muscle is much stronger than a tight contracted muscle. These stretches will increase flexibility, mobility, release tension, eliminate chronic pain & tightness, compliment a person's yoga practice by allowing the body to go deeper into each yoga pose, and help the body’s natural energy flow more freely.

Wayne has helped professional, amateur, and collegiate-level athletes, as well as many clients living with chronic muscle, tendon, and joint pain. His personalized stretching and massage techniques are a major reason why he is so successful.

One of his favorite things to do every day is stretch. Stretching allows Wayne to live pain-free. He has created a therapeutic group class from stretches that he's developed, called the Campbell Flex Stretch Revolution. This class compliments Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, Triathlons, or any other sports. "This has been a twenty five year journey into pain relief and flexibility that I have simplified into a Stretch Workshop format."

The stretches of CAMPBELL FLEX STRETCH REVOLUTION and Bikram Yoga have helped Wayne to start taking the Advance 84 Yoga poses for the first time last September 2014, which allowed his body to prepare and compete in both the 2015 Texas Yoga Championship and the 2015 USA Yoga Championship.

Wayne is a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher. He lives in Houston, Texas where he teaches both Bikram Yoga and his CAMPBELL FLEX STRETCH REVOLUTION. He is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and owes Texas Thai Sports Massage where he combines Thai Massage with Sports Massage. He received his formal massage training from Avalon School of Massage in Houston, Texas. That was where he was introduced to Thai massage, which was his inspiration and starting point for developing Texas Thai Sports Massage & the Campbell Flex Stretch Revolution. "My life is about helping myself and others live as "pain-free" as possible".

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