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Julie Byrd

Balance Your Body Yoga
Yoga Studies Director
Houston, TX
Julie Byrd has been a yoga instructor/comedian for over 20 years and is the expert that many yoga instructors seek out to help resolve their injuries and muscle imbalances. Her education includes a B.S. in human biology and she worked for years as a chiropractor. Her typical students include just about everybody, which often includes athletes from brahma bull riders to marathoners, but her passion is teaching gentle forms of yoga to assist people on their healing path from injuries and chronic health issues. Her goal in teaching is to educate students on how and why people are different from each other and how we can bring ourselves into a state of harmony and balance. She also does her best to make her students laugh so much their core muscles get stronger. Julie is the Anatomy Expert and Yoga Studies Director of Balance Your Body Yoga Teacher's Training School, and co-founder of Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Specialist and Expert Training Courses. She is an ERYT 500, Yoga Alliance Nationally Registered Instructor. Her skills have been utilized for over a decade in the pain management program at the renowned Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, TX. Featured on local TV and radio shows, Julie is considered a sought after yoga and nutrition expert who creates unique solutions to resolve many of life’s problems. Julie says that you will find her most often teaching classes at the Jbyrdyoga Studio in Montrose but in a perfect world we would all do yoga together in her organic garden with her cats and dogs and we would laugh until our sides ached.

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