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Jacy Thibodeaux

Hamshire, Texas
Let the winds of the world blow in your leaves, yet bloom where you are planted. It takes effort for a gypsy to bloom while planted, however, family/home life and being a mother are so amazing that they are grounding me, for now. I have been incredibly lucky enough to have traveled through Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Egypt, Jamaica, the Yucatan Peninsula, Costa Rica, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic and several lovely states of the United. I majored in geography, so of course, I LOVE to observe and intertwine with different people and cultures, foods, religions, music, and environments. I love hearing about and seeing pics of other fantastic places, if you'd like to share, please. Oh, and I love yoga!!! ...love to surf, even though all I can do is barely stand on the board. I love to be in nature... it makes my soul at peace (as long as the conditions are right, of course). ;)

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