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Douchka Lecot

Yana Shala
Visionary Co-Founder
Dallas, Texas
Douchka Lecot has been experiencing and teaching Tantra along with meditation, yoga and Ayurveda for the past 17 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth Community. Her teachings have been inspired by the work of Daniel Odier, Psalm Isadora, Christopher Wallis and the Indian Mystic Osho. Her passion and curiosity for life brings authenticity and inspiring joy to her sharing. She is the visionary founder of Yana Shala, a school and community providing a dynamic platform of ever-evolving tools and modalities catered to the individual life journey. Yana Shala is offering yearly a 9-month program certified with Yoga Alliance. This educational and experiential training provides transformational tools for life with a focus on self-exploration, self-care, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and tantric methods. Having grown up on the Spanish Island of Ibiza shaped Douchka as a free spirit and gave her a different perspective on life and how to relate with it. Carrying this natural approach to existence in her essence, gives her teachings a down-to earth feel. Participants thus find it easy to play with and apply her tools – integrating a new flavor and a free spirit to their own lives.

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